What do we mean by Equestrian?

At Treasure State Equestrian Center, we pride ourselves in improving horse and rider.

To us that does not limit our focus to any age, level, discipline, breed, or interest. We are here to create Equestrians. Whether you’re a beginning rider, top level performer, or somewhere in between, what’s important to us is that you become an Equestrian.

An Equestrian is someone who develops a mutually beneficial relationship with their equine friend. A relationship of trust and communication that enhances the life of both .

We understand that being an Equestrian is a life long commitment, one of hard work, patience, time, money, luck, and love. And even if all goes right, there are still the tears with the smiles, the frustration with the success, and the confusion with the knowledge. But we know to the Equestrian, it is all worth it, to have been part of the special bond that can exist between horse and rider.

At Treasure State Equestrian Center, we are committed to our equine friends to develop you into the best Equestrian you can be.