Training Principles

This site provides the basic Training Principles of Classical Dressage within two training models, one for theEquestrian's learning and one for the Horse's development.  Although different translations describe the training models or trees in different forms, the essence is the same regardless of the language or model.

Classical Dressage is both an art, and a science.  The Principles and techniques provide a systematic approach that helps the Equestrian learn the different aspects of this wonderful art and guides the journey. 

Mastery for the Equestrian is a life long journey that never reaches its final destination. The true Equestrian is a life long learner understanding that what is learned today will only be enhanced tomorrow. Classical Dressage is a process that teaches the beginning Equestrians through the Master Equestrians who are still attaining higher levels of wisdom. This type of process can be very intimidating for the person who is beginning this journey, whether just beginning with horses or looking to enhance their current horse knowledge.

The goal of Classical Dressage is not to reach a certain level of showing but instead for Horse and Equestrian to reach their highest potential. This potential is different for all combinations of Horses and Equestrians as the potential is defined by the lowest common denominator of the partnership. All Equestrians and Horses have issues that are limiting factors to their potential, such as natural ability, personality issues, resources, opportunity and luck. Classical Dressage provides the opportunity for Horse and Equestrian to overcome their weaknesses by leveraging their strengths in the journey to their highest potential.

Classical Dressage is defined by a guiding set of Principles that contain all the complexity for developing
Horse and Equestrian to the highest levels of performance. And its the Equestrian and equine partner that determine when its time to move to the next step. Although there is no substitute to a commitment to improve, once the Equestrian commits, the journey can begin.