Stephanie Kappes

Stephanie Kappes was born and raised in Montana where she had wonderful opportunities to be around horses.  Her experiences training horses ranged from western pleasure, to show jumping, to endurance, to packing in the mountains.  She enjoyed working towards a teaching degree in college, but needed to be more involved with horses.

So she began to search for a career that would allow her to teach  people and continue training  horses.  She chose Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center for its ability to further her instruction in both Dressage and Natural Horsemanship.  Learning to communicate as horses do naturally combined with the horse and rider development techniques of dressage provided a wonderful foundation for her career.  In addition, they provided the theoretical basis for how humans learn, improving her ability to pass the knowledge on to others.  

At Meredith she was the Director of  their outside lesson program.  Although she could have remained at Meredith as one of their instructors, or go to other Farms around the nation, she chose to come back to her home state of Montana.

Dedicated to teaching both horse and rider, she continues her education beyond the formal schooling at Meredith. She believes the theory of Classical Dressage is natural horsemanship when applied properly, so has pursued Classical Dressage for the benefits it can provide in the development of all horses and riders.

She continues to ride and clinic with numerous mentors, including most recently Axel Steiner and Debbie McDonald.

She completed the American Riding Instructor Association's Advanced Certification Program for both Dressage and Eventing and has also become a United States Dressage Federation Certified Instructor. 

Stephanie loves horses and teaching people how to improve their relationships with their horse.  She remains dedicated to teaching people and training horses in a manner that will improve the levels of trust and communication. Her goal is to create Equestrians who can bring joy to themselves and their horses, at whatever level, whatever discipline.