HorsePowers is our program that frees your horse's power through your own powers.  

With the power of your mind, body and spirit you will build an everlasting, trusting, positive relationship with your equine friends.

Is this program new?  No.  Unlike other training programs we don't claim to be "new."  Instead, we incorporate the time tested principles of the past to build you and your horse's future. 

What is the program, if not new? 

The program incorporates the benefits of Classical Dressage and Natural Training methods to develop the equestrian and equine.

The terms Classical Dressage and Natural Horsemanship, anymore, have different meanings to different people.  There seems to be different interpretations among trainers, instructors, riders, and competitors.  There are numerous reasons for the differences, the problem is that there seems to be confusion when the terms are used.

HorsePowers is the art of training horses through the classical principles of horsemanship. Whether you call that Classical Dressage, Natural Horsemanship, or anything else, the bottom line is it develops your horse-powers to free your horse's.

Whether you are a serious competitor, pleasure rider, or somewhere in between, HorsePowers allows you and your horse to be the best you can be.  No two horses or riders are alike, so it takes a program that understands the infinite amount of combinations and can adjust accordingly.

Regardless of your discipline, HorsePowers develops the horse and rider from the start - with the end in mind.  You learn within the overall picture of development, rather than a piece by piece approach.

You have the powers.  Care, respect, communication, trust, love, patience, faith, feel, and balance to name a few.  You have them all - we help you translate them into the horse world, leveraging your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses.  Balancing your mind, body and spirit.