Classical Dressage

The journey of developing the Horse-Equestrian relationship.

Classical Dressage is the art of developing horse and equestrian in a natural way, transcending time, language, and disciplines.  Although at times confused with the Sport of Dressage, Classical Dressage goes beyond the showing of the horse.

It is the way to develop the balance and strength of the horse and equestrian with gymnastic exercises within a relationship built on natural communication and trust.  Classical Dressage can develop horses and equestrians for any type of sporting event where both need to work as one, in body, mind and spirit.

Classical Dressage is the method that all other training methods measure themselves against. It incorporates methods and techniques from around the world and throughout time that have proven to be the best practices for achieving a relationship that can work towards perfect harmony.

Classical Dressage recognizes that all horses and equestrians are different, and the combination of the two creates unlimited possibilities of differences.  Because of this fact, Classical Dressage does not limit itself to specific methods, but instead utilizes many different techniques to achieve its final goals.  Instead of being set on specific methods, it guides the development of the relationship between horse and equestrian with time tested principles.  This allows the utilization of its many methods and techniques in developing all horses and equestrians to their true potential.

The Training Principles found in Classical Dressage provide the development stages for both horse and equestrian, with the underlying truth that the well-being of the horse and safety of the equestrian are of the utmost importance.

The Training Principles simply describe the process by defining the steps that must be achieved. The complexity comes in the detail of achieving these Principles, with the many possible combinations that can exist of horse and equestrian.

Libraries have been written about Classical Dressage, and can be drawn upon to describe and assist you in the specific point of your journey.

Amazing resources are available and this site in no way attempts to capture the true essence of Classical Dressage.  Instead we hope to provide a brief glimpse of a wonderful process that can provide a great guide for you and your horse as you journey through your relationship.

As part of the glimpse, we have provided a brief description of both the Equestrian and Horse Training Principles within the Training Trees.  We hope this encourages you to further your understanding of Classical Dressage and the wonderful things it can do for you and your horse.