Discover Your Horse Powers.

You have the powers.  Care, respect, communication, trust, love, patience, faith, feel, and balance to name a few.  You have them all, we help you translate them into the horse world, leveraging your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses.  Balancing your mind, body and spiritMore...

The need for

Great Horses.

At Treasure State, the Kappes family strives to provide great horses to the equestrian community.  You'll find horses for sale here from time to time. Check back if we don't have what you need today. More.....

El Devo with Junior Young Rider- Brennan Kappes

Whether you are an advanced team, or just wanting to learn to ride,  TSEC can improve the relationship between you and your equine friend.

The full service facility consists of a 70’ by 150’ climate controlled indoor arena, 12’ by 12’ stalls,  pipe fenced pastures with shelters, and a 125’ by 250’ outdoor arena. Both arenas have dust control and articulated sand for footing. The indoor arena is kept at a comfortable temperature for both horse and rider during the cold Montana winters. During the summer time enjoy our cross country training course. Our 
online schedule assures riding times without overcrowding. More....

Improving Horse and Rider​

Jack of Hearts.

If its a great horse you want for the future, check out our Irish Draught Stallion, Jack of Hearts.  Jack has incredible gaits, spectacular jump and a wonderful disposition. Check out how you can cross Jack to your mare.   More...

Come ride with us!

Dedication to

teaching and training.

Stephanie Kappes is a dedicated professional in the horse industry and has been teaching and training riders and horses for decades.  Her education includes formal education as a graduate of Merideth Manor International Equestrian Center and continuing education and certification programs. She has been certified through both the United States Dressage Federation and the American Riding Instructors Association.

Her background is in both Dressage and Natural Horsemanship.  Learning to communicate as horses do naturally, combined with the horse and rider development techniques of dressage, provides the foundation for training horses and the theoretical basis for how humans learn.  More...